Student Turned Recital Hall into Rock Concert

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The EDB Art Education Section held a pop music vocal workshop on March 8 for secondary school music teachers at the Recital Hall, Hong Kong City Hall.  Led by star vocal tutor, Ms. Eli Fung (啤老師/Beilosi), the theme of the workshop was "Singing Popular Songs in Different Styles," in which different styles of singing were introduced, including contemporary R&B, hard rock, and musical.

Because of the outstanding performance in the previous EDB recording session of 少年初心, TSOI Dijon Jack from 11B has been invited as an active participant in this workshop to learn and demonstrate the characteristics of hard rock style singing with Dear Jane's 浮床, along with two other students from Yew Chung International School and St. Mark's School. The highly engaging performance of Jack immediately captured the attention of the audience and left a lasting impression on them. He turned the recital hall into a rock concert! Bravo to Jack, and thanks for the professional advice from Beilosi!