G1 Orientation Day

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To better adapt to the new school, the teachers in A-School had prepared a wonderful Orientation Day for the Grade 1 students on 30 August.

Under the patient guidance of the head teacher, the G1 students learned about the school's rules and understood the responsibilities and obligations of being a primary school student. Later in the day, the pupils attended Chinese, English, and Mathematic classes, where exciting classroom activities and successful learning experiences aroused G1 students' interest in learning. In the classroom, the teacher made good use of music, stories, and games to fill the classroom with the laughter of our G1 students.

On Orientation Day, the school not only organized various classroom activities for students but also thoughtfully arranged a school briefing for parents. Our Chief Principal, Dr. Benjamin, warmly welcomed the parents and explained the development of A-School to the parents so that the parents could better understand the school's teaching philosophy and the vision of running the school. With a good grasp of school background and culture, we believe parents can better help their children integrate into the new school in the coming days.