WeProud Dress Casual Day – To the Future Me

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Our students have performed outstandingly in different aspects in recent years. As a member of A-School, our school PTA organised “WeProud Dress Casual Day– To the future me” on 1st August 2022 so as to encourage students to appreciate others. The fund raised would be contributing to the “WeProud” for the awards presented to the students and teachers.

At the start of the Dress Casual Day – To the Future Me, our primary students participated in a time capsule activity, “A Letter to My Future Self”. Students wrote a message or letter to their future selves, which will be kept in a time capsule for them to open 10 years later.

We are very happy to have two of our alumni, Sabina Chan and Charlie Yip to share with our students. They were our graduates in 2012, and they came back to share their current achievements and their thoughts on life planning.

The activity is a good chance for students to explore their interests, strengths and goals. By reflecting on the current and looking forward to the future, we hope to foster the development of life planning skills of students.