Positive Education at A-School

A-School not only cultivates students’ intellectual minds but also puts effort into nourishing the whole-person development, which together supports their learning and well-being.  We based on the Institute of Positive Education framework to apply the structure comprising six domains: Positive Emotions, Positive Engagement, Positive Relationships, Positive Purpose, Positive Accomplishment, and Positive Health, to prepare students with life skills such as grit, optimism, resilience, growth mindset, positive relationships etc.

This model has been extended with four fundamental active processes that underpin the sustained implementation of positive education: Learn It, Live It, Teach It, and Embed It. 

Implementing a whole school approach to Positive Education

Learn it

To understand and engage with the science of well-being through PD(teacher) and Parent Forums. (Parents & Teachers)

Live it

To provide the students with implicit (culture building, teacher & students interaction) and explicit (Life Ed, Whole school event) learning of Pos Ed.

Teach it

To be the role model and live out the principles of Pos Ed through sharing the experiences from the teachers.

Embed it

To embed the Pos Ed principles within our school practices e.g. Rules and regulations, positive discipline, daily exercise etc. 


24 Character Strengths

We use the character strengths framework to share the common language for recognising the quality in people that worthy of recognition.

Wisdom & Knowledge Wisdom & Knowledge
Courage Courage
Humanity Humanity
Justice Justice
Transcendence Transcendence
Temperance Temperance