BEST Video Voting Competition

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With year-round workshops, the Business Economy for Space Technology (BEST) Programme [collaborated by the HKU Academy for the Talented, the HKU Laboratory for Space Research and the Orion Astropreneur Space Academy (Hong Kong) Limited] has equipped students with applicable knowledge on Space Science, Engineering and Astropreneurship through professional mentorship guidance.

Under this bold initiative, the participating school teams have built a CubeSat prototype using computer-aided design tools. Now they have submitted their final video of their product which has been posted on Instagram. The winning team with the highest number of “likes” received on Instagram will be honoured with "The Most Liked Project Award". The voting deadline is this Thursday, 28 April 2022. Please show your support to our A-School research team by giving our video a LIKE and sharing it with your families and friends! Every vote means a lot to the team!

Our A-School BEST research team was formed by the following 6 students serving different roles:
12E Gavin CHENG (Team Leader; Overall Coordinator)
12E Fernando KEUNG (Vice Team Leader; Data Visualization Analyst)
10C Nathanael POON (Vice Team Leader; Space Enthusiast)
12E Cherry LEUNG (Computer Programmer)
11E Jayden CHEN (Entrepreneur)
10D Jaden NG (Engineer)

Our video: