Blessing Moment We Shared - DSE Exam Result Release

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Blessing moment we shared!

We are happy to share the exciting news that more than 120 conditional offers from world-renowned universities were received by our Grade 12 students including both DSE and GCEAL classes recently, and three of our students were already given offers through the School Principal Nomination Scheme.

Despite the impact of COVID-19 in the past years, with one-third of their three-year senior secondary study spent via home-based learning, our students demonstrated an impressive overall performance. We are proud of their resilience, self-discipline and dedication to excelling themselves.

The overall DSE exam results of our school remain as good as last year. The top-scored students successfully secured their places in competitive programmes, including but not limited to medicine, law, biomedicine, global business, etc. Our overall passing rate for all subjects is 98%. 100% passing rate was reached in most of the subjects including English Language, Mathematics (M1), Physics, Chemistry, BAFS (Business Management), BAFS (Accounting), Literature in English, Chinese History, History and Geography.

Among the elective subjects, our candidates are comparatively strong in BAFS (Accounting), Chemistry, Chinese History, Economics, Literature in English, Geography, History, ICT, Mathematics (M1) and Physics; the percentage of our students who attained Level 4 is reaching 60%, and even 80-100% in individual subjects.

More updates on our students’ further study paths will be posted upon the release of the GCEAL result in mid-August.

Congratulations to all Grade 12 students! The efforts that every student and teacher has made to contribute to this achievement are highly valued and appreciated!