National day flag raising ceremony

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In 72 years of trials and hardships, our motherland has gone from scarcity and poverty to prosperity and affluence. October 1st is the National Day of our country, and it is a very meaningful and significant day.

   In order to celebrate the National Day and increase the students' knowledge and sense of belonging to the motherland, all the primary and secondary school teachers and students, led by the chief principal Dr. Benjamin Chan, held a solemn and grand flag-raising ceremony on the school’s flag-raising square on the morning of September 29th.  The important task of raising the flag was the responsibility of the flag-raising team of the Cub Scouts in the primary school.  In order to complete their tasks, they insisted on returning to school early in the morning for flag-raising training.  When the national anthem sounded, the national flag rose with the national anthem and fluttered with the wind. The loud singing sounded everywhere in the campus, and we could feel everyone's respect for the country.

It was the selfless dedication of our ancestors who made China today, and it was their spirit of going forward encouraging us to continue to move forward and strive to strength ourselves.  We hope that our students will become the pillars of the society and the country, study hard every day, and strive for self-improvement.