RTHK Science Interview

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Last summer, a team of our students from 12E ─ Chu Hok Yin, Wong Chun Ho Honest, Ng Ying Yau Michelle and Leung Tsz Ching Chloe, won the 2nd Runner Up in the Joint School Science Exhibition (J.S.S.E.) by the newly invented App, namely QueQat, and has caught the attention of the public.

The main objective of the App is to help minimise the waiting time by coming up with the best solution for each customer in large supermarkets or wherever places where long queues are present during busy hours, in order to increase overall efficiency.

The team was invited to have a pre-recorded interview on RTHK Channel 1 「太陽底下新鮮事」. The programme will be aired this coming Sunday, 6th November from 5 pm to 6 pm. Don’t miss out!