Time to Talk Public Speaking Competition

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Congratulations to our G7 students for their outstanding achievements in the Time to Talk Public Speaking Competition! Despite being the youngest competitors, they demonstrated remarkable public speaking skills, showcasing their hard work, dedication, and impressive performance.

We are incredibly proud of all our students who participated in the competition, including 7C Chung Ching Sum, 7C Hui Yi, and 7C Leung Yan Yuet from one of our teams who were awarded Merit in the competition, as well as 7A Chan Ho Him, 7C Chan Chung Hei, and 7D Ren Eva Yuwen from the other team who put in an excellent performance.

This achievement is a testament to the quality education that our school provides and the commitment of our students to develop their public speaking skills. Through this competition, our students had the opportunity to learn and practice important skills such as public speaking techniques, research, and collaboration, building their confidence and communication abilities in the process.

Finally, we want to acknowledge the generosity of our students who have decided to donate the $500 book coupons they received as part of their award to our school. This donation will help to enrich our school's library collection and benefit the entire student body.

Once again, congratulations to the students who excelled in the Time to Talk Public Speaking Competition. We are proud of their accomplishments and look forward to seeing their continued growth and success in the future!