Gifted Education Satellite Centre

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Our school and teachers have always endeavored to optimize the potential of our gifted students and accommodate their learning needs. With concerted effort from both divisions, we have rich experience in promoting school-based gifted education and have successfully supported our gifted students to realize their dreams and gain access to world-renowned universities.

To contribute to gifted education in Hong Kong, our school has accepted the invitation from Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education (HKAGE) to establish a Gifted Education Satellite Centre at our school campus. We will be hosting gifted education events such as student programmes, teacher seminars and parent workshops on a not-for-profit basis. HKBUAS and HKAGE will work closely together to cater for gifted students and conduct professional exchanges with other schools and relevant stakeholders in the region.

To acknowledge the collaboration and establishment of the Gifted Education Satellite Centre, an inauguration ceremony has been formally completed on 28 January 2021. A signing ceremony by Dr. Benjamin Chan (Chief Principal) with Dr. Jimmy Wong (Executive Director, HKAGE) was held which was witnessed by Dr. Alan Lam (Chairperson of Board of Directors, HKAGE), our elected School Managers, Ms. Claudia Liu, Mr. Kelvin Lee, Ms. Jannie Wong and Mr. Louie So, PTA Chairman and Vice-Chairman, Mr. Karl Wong and Mr. Joe Ho, Deputy Principal and Head of Secondary Division, Mr. Eric Lo, together with Senior Vice Principal and Head of Primary Division, Ms. Jackie Chong.

Our students, G9 Lewis Gilbert and G11 Fernando Keung, who are also members of HKAGE, shared their feelings towards the establishment of the Satellite Centre during the ceremony.

“We are all born with gifts that are unique to us, but it is up to us to train our gifts into talents by learning and growing, so that we can change the world. This HKAGE Satellite Centre program brings us one step closer to that.” Lewis Gilbert.

“With this Satellite Centre and with the support from HKAGE, schools may strike a synergy and change their pedagogies when provisioning to the bright. HKAGE's phenomenal programmes continue to be thrilling and inspiring. I firmly believe this program will empower our bright students to flourish and grow.” Fernando Keung.

The Chief Principal Dr. Benjamin Chan had high hopes for this collaboration, ‘The school would like to work with the HKAGE to implement and promote gifted education in Hong Kong through its professional development and contribute to the gifted education sector.’

Together we will strive to provide more and better opportunities for gifted students to reach their highest potential.