2022-23 Curriculum & SD Briefing

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Here at A-School, we see subjects, student development, and other learning experiences as being interconnected. Together they form an integral part of our innovative curriculum which is aligned with our school vision of whole-person development. Saturday morning started with our Academic Affairs grade heads welcoming all parents to the event via Zoom. They shared the school's yearly theme, ‘Flourish with PERCCI' which focuses on the six core values and gave parents an overview of ‘MASK’ - namely how a growth mindset, attitudes, skills, and KLAs form the curriculum encompassing our school’s vision and mission. The subject sessions saw our teaching faculty engaged in subject presentations where they gave parents an overview of the subject learning objectives, expectations, teaching methodology, as well as ways in which parents could support their child's learning. Our Student Development grade heads then shared the school's SD Focus and kept parents updated with ways in which the teachers are guiding students towards these goals. Last, but not least, came everyone's favorite session - the class teacher sessions in which our class teachers connected with parents of students from their own class in order to foster a better understanding of the classroom rules and class culture-building activities.

The last optional session of the day was for our first graders' parents who are all new to the school this year with the session focusing on gaining an understanding of children who are just starting their primary school life.

Through the incredible support from our amazing parent community, we are looking forward to another fabulous year of learning