Champion of the 37th Sing Tao Inter-school Debating Competition

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Walt Disney once said - "If you can dream it, you can do it."

Our English Debating Team embarked on a half-year journey last November with high hopes, a journey that had witnessed days and nights of research, script writing and rehearsals. Yesterday night at Queen Elizabeth Stadium, we welcomed the grand finale. We are proud to announce that our school has been crowned Champion of the 37th Sing Tao Inter-school Debating Competition in the English section!

The team of debaters comprising four senior debaters, namely Clement Kwok, Melody Lin, Alfred Cheung and Ethan Ip, and two junior debaters, namely Tang Hau In and Eires Yuen, has made history once again for our school. Moreover, Melody Lin has been awarded the ultimate Best Debater Award of the entire tournament. All these debaters have been with us since Grade 1. It is the school's honour to witness their growth and development, from novice speakers to seasoned ones, throughout these years.

Sing Tao Inter-school Debating Competition was a new pursuit for our English Debating Team. As first-time participants, the students have displayed much commitment and resilience throughout the journey, constantly reorienting themselves amidst different difficulties in order to actualise this shared dream that we can now proudly claim ours.

At A-School, dreams never stop. Let's look forward to our students' future achievements when records are broken and history is made.