2021-22 First Term Student-led Conferences (Primary Division)


We are grateful for the successful completion of the student-led conferences and parent-teacher interviews during the pandemic. Even though we can't meet on campus, we can see the smiling faces and interactions of students, teachers, and parents through the online real-time meeting which instantly brings our hearts closer. We have also received a huge amount of positive feedback, such as:

"She did a good job in the presentation which is smooth and clear. She put much effort into preparing the SLC presentation and we enjoyed the presentation very much."

"I think she is treating SLC sincerely and seriously; she presented clearly during SLC. I also appreciate that she can have some reflection on the area she thinks is still not up to standard."

"Excellent! She presented well, and well understood her strengths and weaknesses for future improvements. Thank you to all of her teachers, especially the class teachers' effort and coaching."

"I spent almost half of the box of tissue to prepare the letter for my son. I appreciated the positive change in him like being more mature and taking up responsibility, not just for his actions, but also for his thoughts and choices and  also his effort in his learning."


我欣賞他能分享他學習的一點一滴, 而且為自己的學習訂立了smart goal

欣賞她準備好要分享的材料, 雖然在分享時有些緊張, 但仍努力完成, 實在十分感動!

Students' learning will always be our top priority. During this period, we can see that students can summarize their learning from the first term and set goals for themselves for the next term. We would like to thank the students for their hard work, the parents for their support, and the teachers for their love and care.