2022-23 First Term Student-led Conferences (Primary Division)


On February 3 - 4, the primary division hosted the First Term Student-led Conferences with all teachers, students, and parents on campus. The conferences are a great opportunity for students to take ownership of their learning, helping them identify the next steps in their progress. Students presented eagerly and confidently, reflecting on their learning and setting SMART goals. Using their own work samples to support their learning analysis, they could identify their strengths and areas for growth. In addition to subjects, students also reflected on their personal growth and could make connections between the learning from Leader in Me lessons and their own development. Sixth graders were particularly touched to hear their parents read aloud letters they had written for the child.

With the goal of strengthening home-school collaboration, parent workshops were held on campus with both workshops seeing excellent attendance. The Digital Citizenship workshop, ‘Raising Children in a Digital Age’, focused on media balance and addressed common issues faced by parents and children. The workshop offered strategies to balance device usage while maintaining good communication between parents and children. The Reading Workshop, ‘Helping My Child Become a Reading Superhero’, focused on equipping parents with an understanding of how reading is taught in school. Through the workshop, parents gained an understanding of strategies they could use at home to increase their child’s literacy development, helping them become better readers.

Our heartfelt thanks to all our teachers, students, and our supportive parent community for their effort and engagement in this meaningful event.