The Most People Programming Robots Simultaneously


Congratulations to A-School! We have received the official certificate from the Guinness World Records for our participation in the record event “The most people programming robots simultaneously”.

Five A-School students from G4 to G8 are proud to have participated in this spectacular event with approximately 600 students in Hong Kong. The whole process was rigorous as it involved plenty of training, rehearsals, and selections. However, our outstanding and stable performances ensured our team had a chance to participate in the final stage. Once the international judges approved the result, everyone cheered for the success achieved.

There were many different types of robots participating in the event. We could find human-like robots and mechanical vehicles, and we opted to use the programmable drones to complete the tasks. As every member had to achieve a particular part of the whole programme, we were careful to ensure we had the perfect outcomes. This event lets us experience how essential each individual's role is in a modern organisation.

We also enjoyed interacting with other students, which enriched our vision of the world in the robotic community.