2022 APEX Graduation Show

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Our 2022 APEX Graduation Show was presented at Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre on 7-11 July, 2022. Visitors all had a great time enjoying the art pieces and were impressed by the creativity and vitality of the up-and-coming artists from A-School. Apart from our own students, we have also invited two local artists, Eastman Cheng Shuk Yee and Fung Ho Yin to participate in the show.

The show was a record of creations of how our young talents have evolved during their 3-year senior secondary study against the background of COVID-19. As our Chief Principal, Dr. Benjamin Chan, said, “The power of the arts is tremendous. It is something that envelops our life each and every day and is at our fingertips. Arts inspires, soothes and motivates us, as well as connects people with each other.”

Through their creative works, we wish to inspire an appreciation for art in a wide audience and re-establish relationships among people in the community.