Saxophone Quartet and Woodwind Quintet Performed with Flying Colours in Schools Music Festival

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The Saxophone Quartet and Woodwind Quintet have made history by winning the 2nd and 3rd place respectively in the woodwind ensemble category of Junior Secondary School in the 76th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival, reaching a new milestone for A-School’s Music Department.

Formed in September 2023, the quintet and quartet are A-School’s first ever woodwind ensembles. It was their first time joining this competition, and it was a tough fight.  However, our ensembles performed exceptionally well which made us very proud of them. 

We would like to commend our musicians for their effort and spectacular performances.  Let’s meet the members of our Saxophone Quartet and Woodwind Quintet and give them our warmest congratulations.

Saxophone Quartet Members:

7B Lee Lok Yan, 8B Fong Ayden, 9C Hui Jerone, and 11B Hor Choi Sze

Woodwind Quintet Members:

8B Ng Yuet Ka, 8B Jia Wing Hoi, 11A Pak Lon Yat Allen, 11C Chan Ka Hei, and 11E Chen Ying Tat)